MODAClouds Technologies have been released as Open Source technologies. The OS repositories for all the components, subcomponents, and tools are linked below so everyone in the OS Community can start taking advantage of our research in MultiCloud DevOps.

The documentation about the software stack architecture can be found here.

MODAClouds Technologies on Github we share to improve Cloud Computing with our Business-Driven MultiClouds approach

All MODAClouds Technologies, the runtime and development platforms components and sub-components have been packaged and delivered to be ready for use as Open Source.

Join the Github Community and start using MODAClouds Technologies. The code has been released so you can start using our various technologies to improve the way you design and operate in a MultiCloud world.

We have created instructions and software packages that can be installed within a few minutes with no difficulties. All software components come with a set of accompanying documentation to guide you on the process of installation, configuration and also, to teach you how to use MODAClouds. Click here to access MODAClouds Technologies on Github

MODAClouds Technologies on Github MODAClouds Technologies on Github
Ready to use Demonstrators of MODAClouds Technologies

Download ready-to-use Demonstrators to start using MODAClouds and experience the benefits of Business-Driven MultiClouds

MODAClouds' Team has created three different Technology Demonstrators:

Creator 4Clouds Design Environment

Venues 4Clouds Benchmarking & Selection Tool

Energizer 4Clouds Runtime Platform

access MODAClouds demonstrators

MODAClouds on partnering with world-class tools to improve Cloud Modeling and Development

MODAClouds Technologies are shared on the community platform for users who utilize the Modelio open source modeling environment and developers who build extensions for it. Modelio tools are improved and integrated into MODAClouds Creator 4Clouds to take benefit of the MultiCloud and QoS Awareness features of provided by MODAClouds. It also integrates seamlessly with MODAClouds Energizer 4Clouds, the runtime platform, and with MODAClouds Venues 4Clouds, the decision support tool that helps you identify, benchmark, and select from multiple cloud services according to business needs.

You can also take a look at our project page in Creator 4Clouds Forge and Wiki.

MODAClouds Technologies on

MODAClouds Technologies on

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